Michelle Latimer

Season 2 Episode 3: Michelle Latimer

Welcome to the second season of The Gaze! The show is now a monthly podcast available for download on iTunes, Soundcloud and Google Play. In this sophomore season, we sit down with three female Indigenous filmmakers to discuss the creative, commercial and emotional labour of making films in Canada.

We wrap up our final episode of season two with Michelle Latimer. An actor turned filmmaker, Michelle broke onto the scene as a writer/producer for the award-winning documentary Jackpot. Since then, she has directed several films including the short animation Choke,  the dramatic short The Underground and the feature documentary Alias.

Most recently, Michelle was the showrunner on the critically-acclaimed Viceland series Rise, which followed indigenous movements of resistance across the Americas. You can watch the trailer to this powerful series below.

You can also watch a full version of Choke, Michelle’s short experimental animation below.

A big thank you to Phèdre for The Gaze theme music and to Inaam Haq for the sound mix.

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