Celluloid Ceiling


Season 1 Episode 7: Celluloid Ceiling

Approximately 9% of top-grossing films last year were directed by women. This lack of representation, often referred to as the celluloid ceiling, points to the many systemic barriers women face when entering the film industry. In this episode, we sit down with emerging filmmakers Jasmin Mozzafari and Zinnia Naqvi to discuss life behind the camera and the challenges they overcame to be there. We also invite Gabor Pertic, Executive Director of upcoming Breakthroughs Film Festival (BFF), to discuss how BFF is promoting gender parity in the industry.

Featured music in this episode includes:

  • La Toro (Opening Theme from Girlfight) – Theodore Shapiro
  • Run the World (Girls) – Beyonce
  • It’s a Man’s World – James Brown
  • Crazy On You – Heart

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